What this Bill Does

H. 786 prevents insurance companies from limiting disability benefits ONLY for those with behavioral health diagnoses.

Insurance companies protest that limiting disability policies saves money and keeps premiums low.

Reasons to support H. 786–These limits on benefits are based on stigma directed toward persons with mental disabilities, not on hard evidence. Insurers have no evidence that covering persons with mental disabilities is more expensive than covering persons with physical disabilities.

–Adequate benefits are necessary to all for sufficient treatment and time for recovery to allow them to return to work successfully

–Save state and federal money by stopping highly profitable insurance companies from shifting the cost of supporting the disabled to the government

–Given our experience with providing people with mental illness parity in health insurance, any increase in disability insurance costs is likely to be minimal (it was 1.4% for health insurance)

–It’s only fair that employees disabled by mental illness who paid the same premiums as other employees get the same benefits. What other group pays the same price for something and gets less?

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