A recent article at truthout.com by Oryx Cohen of the National Empowerment Center explains who supports the Murphy Bill:

Murphy’s financial supporters include the American Psychiatric Association, psychiatric hospitals and the National Rifle Association, and his campaign contributors include no less than nine pharmaceutical companies and a law firm that represents Big Pharma.

Not only would big pharmaceutical companies benefit from forcing medication on us against our will (due to involuntary outpatient treatment euphemistically called “assisted outpatient treatment” by its proponents), but the hospital-industrial complex would also benefit from Murphy’s legislation according to Cohen:

Psychiatric hospitals would also benefit from the bill’s proposed elimination of the “Institutions for Mental Diseases exclusion,” which currently makes mental health institutions ineligible for funding through Medicaid. By enabling psychiatric hospitals to access this funding, the Murphy Bill could usher in an unprecedented era of re-institutionalization, going against the recommendations of the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision, which asserted in 1999 that people with mental health issues have the right to be in the least restrictive setting possible. If passed, the Murphy Bill will lead to large-scale re-institutionalization in hospitals for longer periods of time for people who now generally have the right to live in supportive communities of their choosing.


Picture of Oryx Cohen taken from March 21, 2013 youtube video of Advocacy Unlimited Rally.