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We would like to apologize for a recent notice in this space which was inaccurate. We hope it did not cause undue stress or hardship.  Please see below for the accurate information.

THE EMERGENCY SERVICES PROGRAMS (ESPs) IN SOUTHEAST MASSACHUSETTS ARE NOT CLOSING! The FY’16 budget switches the management of the Emergency Services Programs in Southeastern Massachusetts from state-operated programs run directly by the Department of Mental Health to management by Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP). As they do in every other region of the state, MBHP contracts out to private non-profit mental health service providers to run local ESPs.

Emergency Services Programs/Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCI) are vital to preventing unnecessary hospitalization. These programs provide community-based mental health/substance use crisis services for all ages. MPOWER urges folks to call your ESP/MCI instead of 911 or going to a hospital Emergency Department. Services are available to uninsured individuals and most insurance types, including MassHealth.

To find the ESP/MCI serving your city or town:
go to


or call the Statewide ESP/MCI toll free number
(877) 382-1609 and enter your zip code.

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